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mk haulage

transporting commercial goods

About MK Haulage

MK Haulage was established in October 2018 with a sole purpose of combining experiences in the field of transportation and shipping logistics. With a niche specialty in haulage, MK Haulage specializes in transporting commercial goods by road. We provides multiple mode of transportation and logistics assistance such as  Haulage, Trucking, Bonded Trucking, Lorry crane, Project cargo, Depot facilities and Trans loading.

Our Services

Fleet & Facilities

We offer full logistics solutions in fleet and facilities such as  Prime Mover, Side Loader, Truck, Trailers, Fork Lifts, GPS Systems, Depot Facilities. We combine the expertise and experience of our well experienced staffs and supply chain specialists, to design, implement and operate logistics solutions that improve our customer’s product availability while optimizing the delivery lead time. 

In need of our services?

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services. We are glad to speak to you and advise you further on the best solutions that we can offer you.